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All of us at Ape + Canary on Strathallan want to be sure you are scheduled for the services you need, whether it’s a haircut, eyelash extensions, a massage, or something else entirely! To do this, you have to connect with us. You can try yelling really loudly out your window, sending up smoke signals, tapping out Morse Code, or even using tin cans and string, but you’ll be most successful with a simple text message.

Just text us at 585-490-9401, and we promise to text back ASAP. If you feel more comfortable speaking to someone, just call that same numberWe can’t wait to get started making you feel relaxed, gorgeous, and pampered right here in Rochester, NY! What are you waiting for?!

Remember our MANTRA. Modern, Androgynous, Non-Pretentious, Timeless, Respect, Attention. Let’s do this.

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566 East Ave
Rochester, NY 14607

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