Ape + Canary?

Occasionally people ask the origin of our name, and we answer with a little story…

Once upon a time, deep in the jungle, there lived an ape. This ape lived in a little ape village and had lots of ape friends. One day he realized they all looked the same, and he wanted to be different. As he went over to a rock to sit and ponder this, out of the sky a beautiful canary flew down, landed on his palm and sang him a beautiful song. Instantly, they became the best of friends and absolutely inseparable. From that day forth, that ape was known for his distinctive style with the canary perched on his shoulder. They were simply, stylishly, Ape + Canary.

After we tell this story, people ask us the origin of our name again. The second time we smile and shrug.

A Little History.

In August of 2015, Ape + Canary was born. We were a mere 700 square foot salon in the heart of the city. We gave our clients what they had been craving: an exclusive salon experience with incredible stylists and quality products. The opportunity to partner with the Strathallan Hotel and move into their gorgeous salon across the street from the hotel propelled us into the spotlight. In March 2018, we added to our space and our service menu to expand not only great hair, nails, massages, esthetics, and much more for our customers.

ape and canary at the strathallan hotel, , ape and canary, rochester, ny

Urban Spa Destination.

Ape + Canary on Strathallan is Rochester, New York’s only Urban Spa Destination. We offer luxurious spa treatments in a calming, upscale, trendy environment. Directly across from the Strathallan Hotel, we provide premier salon and spa services to members, and style-seekers from all over.

mantra, ape and canary, rochester, ny


Our culture is grounded in quality. We live by our MANTRA.
Respect (for yourself and others)
Attention (to detail)

These are our core principles. They represent our morals, values, and beliefs.

Creators of Beauty.

Our fabulous team is here to help you relax, rejuvenate, and rock the style you want.

benn lobol, owner and master stylist, ape and canary, rochester, ny

Benn Lobol

Owner & Master Stylist
paul coffman, owner and spa director, ape and canary, rochester, ny

Paul Coffman

Owner & Spa Director
coral chovaniec, owner and hr director, ape and canary, rochester, ny

Coral Chovaniec

Owner & HR Director


Hair Lead & Stylist


Stylist & Nail Tech


Massage Lead


Junior Stylist


Esthetician & Nail Tech


Spa Coordinator


Permanent Makeup/Lashes & Esthetician


Nail Lead & Esthetician


Licensed Massage Therapist


Esthetics Lead


Licensed Massage Therapist


Licensed Massage Therapist


Licensed Massage Therapist

Regardless of your gender identification, age, or color, we welcome you to our one-of-a-kind sanctuary in the middle of the city. Text 585-490-9401 to make an appointment now.

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Rochester, NY 14607

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